Extrusion SnacksDoggy Fries

Doggy Fries, THE snack for your dog. This unique new product has been developed by a specialized pet shop Molenkamp in Zelhem, The Netherlands. Lalesse Extrusion provided the direct extrusion technology and together with a snacks producer in the UK, this innovative snack is manufactured. Find more information about  Doggy Fries here!

Doggy Fries has been found ridiculously delicious by the test panel!  It’s made out of potato and maize and contains less than 1% fat, the rest is 99% taste! This pure taste has been achieved by using only these two ingredients, there are no additions! These chips are really crunchy and can be eaten during the whole day. Do you have a dog and would you like to give this treat to your best friend?  Please ask your specialized animal shop for this product.

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