Lalesse Extruder 1969


The Company

The brand name Lalesse exists already since the 1950’s, when Mr. Lalesse started a small metal shop. Lalesse started to make screws and sleeves and at request built an extruder around this. It did not take long before complete lines were manufactured and sold all over the globe. Over the years much technology has been gained; all customers run equipment differently, make a different snack, and have other preferences.

Lalesse Extrusion engineers the equipment to meet the highest standards in the industry. This is always done by building tailor-made equipment. The most important is what our customer requires, not what we as a manufacturer want to sell.  Tailor-made is not only an outside design, but mostly an internal aspect, for example certain computer controls, use of specific electronics, special safety regulations, etc. Also important is testing the equipment before it is exported. The required product is made at our well-organized test lab. Also teaching customers how to operate the equipment in our lab is a possibility.

lalesse extruderIn 2006 Mekelenkamp Holding took over Lalesse Machinebouw, at that time situated in Arnhem, a place where many customers came to visit us. Since then the company moved to the city of Huissen, in the close vicinity of Arnhem. We are easy to reach by public transport and airports are nearby. Please come and visit our modern production facility.
Over the many years of our existence Lalesse served hundreds of customers all over the globe, you can find Lalesse’s presence in over 60 countries.

Welcome to Lalesse Extrusion BV.